Computational Materials Physics

a hands-on guide to meaningful quantum simulations for materials

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what is this course about ?

It is possible to predict properties of materials "from scratch" or "ab initio": by applying the laws of quantum physics to the atoms that make up the material. The methods for doing this have been developed by solid state physicists, and are now sufficiently mature to tackle materials engineering problems. Soon, these so-called "ab initio methods" will be a mandatory item in the toolbox of modern materials scientists. This course teaches you in a practical and hands-on way how to become a responsible user of these tools.

structure of the course

In a mixture of on-line sessions and classroom sessions, you will learn the "what & how" about ab initio methods. Emphasis is on conceptual understanding and hands-on training, not on mathematical theory. Throughout the course, you will team up with a few colleagues in order to solve a challenging problem, about which you will report at the end of the course.

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